Gardening Hydroponically

I’m always on the lookout for new gardening ideas. And so, I’m a member of Home Depot’s Garden Club. Yeah, that’s a “big box” store and we normally steer clear of them, but let’s face it: they come up with good ideas and sometimes there’s just no other place around to get garden supplies or an emergency plant.

Today, when I opened my email, I received one from the Garden Club that contained an interesting indoor decorating video. As I followed that link, I found this video about hydroponic gardening. It just doesn’t get much easier than gardening hydroponically. You set up a kit that looks pretty simple to build yourself, plant your herbs or whatever in soiless pots and feed with a liquid nutrient. That’s it. You quickly have pots of herbs right inside your house, garage, or basement because there’s no mess to worry about.

I haven’t actually tried this yet but it looks pretty simple. If you get to it before I do, please share your experience and let us know how it goes for you.


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