Update on West Coast Inspection

Brier Ridge Farm Fresh Herbs got a visit from the inspector Friday, June 6th. The inspector took some soil samples from a lot of individual plants for a nematode inspection. The soil samples will be brought up to the Florida Plant Inspections in Gainesville. Since we use bagged commercial potting soil, it is highly unlikely that we would have nematodes. My grandma (owner of www.ednakelly.com and Brier Ridge) signed BUNCHES of papers for shipping to TX, MISS, OR, CA and many other states! We were the ONLY herb garden that this inspector had ever seen so we are special by a first see. I’ll keep you updated on the inspections and the TRIP TO CINCINNATI blog will be updated. 🙂

Trip to Cincinnati- Twin Oaks RV Park Elko, GA

I’m here at Twin Oaks RV Park in GA. I found some plants in this RV Park that I’ve never seen in SWFL. The plant of the state I’m going to explain is the Spinning Primrose.
The Spinning Primrose spins in the evening. It is native to Persia that was brought here to North America and now grows here in Georgia. Spinning Primrose is yellow and makes a nice bush as I’m parked near it. This will be it with Day 1 of the Trip to Cincinnati, OH.


spins in the evening. From www.twinoaksrvpark.com
Spinning Primrose


VISIT TWIN OAKS RV PARK at www.twinoaksrvpark.com






Trip to Cincinnati Blog

This month, I’m starting a blog that brings plants from different states near I-75. Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio will be the chose states to this blog. Stay tuned on the blog! YOU CAN GROW IT 

West Coast Inspection

Brier Ridge Farm Fresh Herbs is FINALLY getting an inspection to ship to the US West Coast. These states includes California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Texas and so MUCH states! If we pass this inspection, all you people will get FARM FRESH HERBS! I’ll keep you posted on the Inspection to the West Coast 🙂

(This does not add Alaska and Hawaii)

Plumbago – Plumbago auriculata

Plumbago – Plumbago auriculata

Today was a busy day. We mulched the front yard and my dad trimmed this awesome looking, blue colored bush called Plumbago. I did some research and I found out this flower is native to Southern Africa and this surprised me, seeing that it came from that part of the world.

Plumbago is poisonous but that doesn’t matter unless you are awfully hungry and try to eat it. This plant looks so nice and beautiful that you can put it anywhere in the front yard and it will look beautiful. So my dad made cuttings of this plant. Trimming up this one plant made almost 140 cuttings because it was so bushy.

Plumbago’s brother is called Wild Leadwort.plumbago

This plant cost $110.00 at Classy Groundcovers but here at Brier Ridge Farm Fresh Herbs, we sell them in 1-gallon pots. It costs about $5 (gallon size) when we have our yard sales. So, which would you prefer,  a $110 plant from someone you don’t know or $5 for a gallon-size plant grown locally here in beautiful Punta Gorda, Southwest Florida.

Plumbago grows outdoors and blooms almost year round in Zones 8-11, although some protection may be necessary in Zone 8. If you live in a colder climate, Plumbago is happy to grow inside as a houseplant during the cold months. Just move it outside after danger of frost for lots of new growth and lovely blue flowers. Yes,  You CAN grow it!Plumbago, Imperial Blue